You’re Invited to Demo the Facebook Sourcing Tool That Changes the Recruiting Game

October 24, 2013 8:01 pm Published by Kristen Smith

Ever since Work4 announced the official launch of Graph Search Recruiter at HR Tech, there’s been a tremendous amount of discussion around the HR industry:

Brandon Hall Analysts says, “Work4 has me convinced that Facebook will give LinkedIn a run for its money.”

Metro NY says that Graph Search Recruiter will let talent acquisition professionals–and jobseekers–go “above and beyond the résumé.”  

Join our live demo of our new Graph Search Recruiter solution on October 29–a solution that “presents direct competition for LinkedIn” (The Content Standard)–and find out what all the fuss is about!  

Using Graph Search Recruiter for Facebook, you’ll have access to 5X the number of potential candidates on LinkedIn for 1/10th of the cost.

Says Tony Restell of Social-Hire, “Talking to Stéphane Le Viet and seeing their product in action, it was interesting to see how sourcing from Facebook allows recruiters to tap into niches like Nursing, Graduates, Truck Drivers, Restaurant workers and the like–all of whom are active on Facebook but less likely to be found on LinkedIn. There’s certainly a portion of the recruiting market that LinkedIn hasn’t focused on serving who are going to find this Facebook move a breath of fresh air!”  

Get ready to change your social recruiting strategy forever. 

 You can register here.  

This post was written by Kristen Smith

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