Work4 Labs says “Sí” to G20 YES!

June 4, 2012 7:57 pm Published by Perrine El Khoury

Mexico City, here we come. Saturday marked the beginning of Work4 Labs’ participation in the 4th semi-annual G20 Young Entrepreneur Summit (G20 YES). As Work4 Labs’ delegate to the summit, I’ll be meeting with 400 go-getting entrepreneurs from around the world to discuss the political, cultural, and economic challenges facing small businesses and start-ups in today’s international marketplace. By the end, we’ll produce a plan of action, which will be presented by President Calderón of Mexico to the heads of state at the G20 Summit in late June. The plan will put forward a set of policy prescriptions about how to change regulations to make the international business climate more favorable to entrepreneurship. No doubt, we’ll be drawing on our individual experiences as well as the knowledge gained from our time in the program.

Saturday, my first day in Mexico, was dedicated to getting to know Mexico and its culture. I spent the day chatting with other delegates while visiting historic Mexico City and its giant plaza Zócalo. Just considering the incredible diversity of businesses represented here (communication agencies, toys for babies, IT services, medical devices, manufacturing, etc.) I’m willing to bet that this will be a truly interesting summit!

Work4 Labs participates in global entrepreneur conference

On Sunday, the work of the summit began in earnest. I attended a workshop led by Bryan Pearce, the Americas Director of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year program, on how to facilitate access to funding for start-ups and SMBs. The workshop dealt with studies conducted by Ernst & Young, as well as the personal experience of the attendees.

At Work4 Labs, we’re excited to see what we learn from the hundreds of brilliant entrepreneurs gathered here for this exciting and eye-opening week. Particularly, I can’t wait to engage with the issues of start-up financing and youth unemployment. Hasta Luego!

This post was written by Perrine El Khoury

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