Work4 Announces Profile Prompt for Facebook Recruiting

August 20, 2013 3:59 pm Published by Kristen Smith

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating again: now more than ever, Facebook is the platform for the future of recruiting.

There are already thousands of companies who have posted over 6 million total jobs and are recruiting successfully on Facebook with Work4. Even Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in speaking about Graph Search, has stated that “recruiting is one of [his] favorite queries.”

Candidates want to see opportunities posted to Facebook Career Sites–and they want to be able to apply without having to leave the site (or enter a lengthy ATS process). At Work4, we strive to make that process easier–to both enhance the experience for the candidate and increase the conversion rate for the company.

And that’s why we added the newest feature to our Social Recruiting Solutions for Facebook: Profile Prompt.

Profile Prompt is built into every Facebook Career Site. When a candidate attempts to match him or herself to your jobs, our matching engine analyzes the candidate’s basic public profile information to determine if there is enough data to suggest a good match. If the candidate is missing a location or work history, he or she will be prompted to add the information in order to provide a better, more accurate match.



You can test it for yourself by visiting Facebook’s own Work4 Career Site!

This Profile Prompt not only makes the candidate’s job search easier, but it also enhances the experience for recruiters, employers, and business in general. With the introduction of Graph Search, recruiters are going to be using this tool more often for sourcing candidates in their networks for specific hiring initiatives; this process is made easier when more users input their location and work history. Moreover, should employers want to target candidates with job ads on Facebook, having accurate and complete data makes it easier to reach the right people. And, of course, businesses are not limited to targeting users with job ads: Facebook ads are incredibly effective tools for spreading employer brand and even advertising products and services to potentially interested parties.

Facebook itself has begun prompting users to input their information when they log onto the network, and Work4’s Profile Prompt serves to reinforce Facebook’s push to get users to update their profiles. Profile Prompt provides users a context for why they should add this information, along with a stated benefit: if you fill out your profile, you will have a better experience while searching jobs within this company or within Facebook on the whole.

From more accurate sorting and matching within the Work4 Social Recruiting Solution to the increased connection for companies and users on Facebook through Graph Search and Facebook ads, Work4 and Profile Prompt will continue to make Facebook the future of recruitment.

And for the jobseekers out there, we’ve put together this Facebook Page to help you make the most of your Facebook profile during your job search.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this new feature!


This post was written by Kristen Smith


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