Work4 and NAHCR Partner to Expand Health Care Recruiting on Facebook

August 5, 2013 3:40 pm Published by Brian Louie

Health care is one of the hottest industries for recruitment right now: there have been an average of 16,000 jobs added monthly in the ambulatory care industry alone, with similar upward trends in hiring throughout the US health care industry. It’s expected that the US will need 5.6 more healthcare workers by 2020, which isn’t that far off.

Work4 knows how important it is for recruiters to fill these high-demand positions, so we’ve partnered with NAHCR, the National Association for Health Care Recruitment, to help facilitate better recruitment of health care professionals on Facebook.

Why Facebook? With 3.2 million health care professionals using the platform for their personal and professional networking, there’s no better place for extending the reach and scale of any health care hiring initiative.

NAHCR offers its members resources for professional education and networking, in addition to its resources for recruitment, and we are delighted to be able to help support NAHCR members in expanding and optimizing their health care recruitment strategies! 

You can read at our press release for more information about this partnership.


This post was written by Brian Louie

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