Why I Work4: Marah Chami, Recruiting Manager

September 5, 2013 3:42 pm Published by Marah Chami

If you were ever a candidate or an employee at Work4, chances are I was your first contact in the recruitment process. I am the person in charge of overlooking the recruitment at Work4. What started out as an internship in a non-existent HR department in January 2012 quickly transformed into something that exceeded my wildest expectations, which I later learned is typical for someone who was once oblivious to the startup scene.

I completed my undergraduate Human Resources degree in Montreal, Canada, and eventually decided to look elsewhere for my Masters’ degree. I ended up studying at the Université Panthéon Assas in Paris in International Human Resource Management. (I mean, how could I turn down the opportunity to live in Paris?) As part of the program, we were required to complete an internship in HR. Having lived in 5 different countries, I was looking for a multinational company where I could expect to work with people of different backgrounds. This led me to an interview in Work4’s kitchen spaces, quite atypical when compared to the other interviews I was sitting for, to say the least. I felt a direct connection right there and then:Work4’s whole business model is centered around helping human resource professionals and making their lives easier.. In other words, their mission is to make MY life easier!

Following my internship, I was given the opportunity to stay as a permanent employee, which I accepted for 3 reasons: 

One: it is really remarkable what I was able and ALLOWED to do as an intern at Work4, and if that’s the case for an intern, I couldn’t even imagine what would happen once I accepted the offer! I wanted more, bigger, better, wilder–and Work4 did not disappoint: I was leading a team of four, had a much more important HR-aspect to my job, and full control in no time. 

Two: it is really hard to resist the “ambiance” that exists in this place! I tend to change open spaces from time to time depending on the weather; and each open space has it’s particular feel. One such space even has 3 styrofoam balls, 4 sombreros, a plastic sword, and a lot of nerdy imagination: you guessed it, the Geeks’ hub–and they take full advantage of their materials!

Analytics Team Doing Their Thing

Three: last but not least, I accepted because I would be taking part in the next big thing for HR professionals! A recruiting Revolution! It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

When I talk to candidates, I talk to them honestly about what sets us apart from the rest. We recruit living geniuses (think you’re one? Send over your resume at mchami@work4labs.com!) and work with a heavy caliber executive team–and we know how to have fun. Voilà.

This post was written by Marah Chami

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