Why I Work4: Leona Chu, Advertising Operations Manager

April 14, 2014 3:03 pm Published by Leona Chu

At my previous job at Citibank, I worked on the Digital Marketing team for Credit Card and Mortgage products. I was fortunate to have worked with media agencies and improved my skills on many ad platforms, including Facebook.

It is incredible how marketing has transformed over the last decade, from traditional media such as print, radio, and TV to all things digital.

Leona Chu, Advertising Operations Manager

To reach the eyeballs of most people, you cannot leave out Facebook. With over 1 billion worldwide users and accounting 1 out of every 7 online minutes, you have the opportunity to spread your marketing message to a wide and diverse audience. Because Facebook is able to aggregate data about peoples’ profile information, “likes,” and browsing habits, the network has been able to create a sophisticated ads platform that can intelligently target the right people.

After I left my job at Citibank, I decided to look for a job that not only allowed me to showcase my online marketing skill set, but also to take on more responsibilities and challenges. The process of job search can be exhausting and frustrating at times. I applied through job boards and companies’ career sites, but I never knew if my resume actually reached the hands of the recruiters or it just ended up in a file system that no one would ever look at.

A month had passed by. With a “permanent beta”* mindset, I explored ways to stand out from the crowd. I thought to myself, “Most people are on Facebook everyday—at home, on-the-go and even in the office! Why don’t I create a personal ad on Facebook to look for a job?”

I looked into the details of creating a Custom Audience on the Facebook ad platform. This way, I could target my ads to recruiters, HR and management-level employees of the companies for whom I was interested in working. I used LinkedIn to look up the profiles and then created a Custom Audience list based on the names I found.

I also uploaded a few creative images to do A/B testing and see which ones drove higher click-through-rates. If people clicked on my ad on Facebook, they would be directed to my online resume along with my contact details. To help increase overall conversion, I also did retargeting. People who had viewed my resume before would see my “follow up” ad on their Facebook. 

Leona Chu's Job Ad

Leona’s Job Ad


Leona's Follow Up Ad

Leona’s Follow Up Ad


Believe it or not, this job seeking ad campaign actually took off! I received multiple interviews due to the ads I created on Facebook. It was effective because the ad was targeted to the right people, the message was relevant to them and, most importantly, the ads were on the right platform.

People cannot miss such prominent messages, as they probably check their News Feed on Facebook every day. It also increases the chance you get an interview because your resume is being exposed to people higher up in the hierarchy of the company, not only limited to the recruiters. Managers may be in a better position to make a judgment as to whether you are a good-fit to the company or not, based on their deeper knowledge of the job.

I still remember the day I got a call from Work4, asking me to come in for an interview. I couldn’t wait to join this company because I knew from personal experience that job-seeking on Facebook works very well, and Work4’s mission is to make everyone a recruiter and everyone a candidate on Facebook. We share the same belief, and my own experience is a great example.

What also motivates me to work for Work4 is the culture of the company. The focus on innovation and collaborative work environment at Work4 resonated through each person I met during my interview process. I’m excited to join this family and proud to be a part of this social recruiting revolution!


*Editor’s note: “Permanent beta” is a start-up term, suggesting that a company is never quite finished and always finding new ways to innovate or iterate on a product, service, or solution. 

This post was written by Leona Chu


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