Why I “Work4:” Becky Gordon Marks, Director of Partnerships and Alliances

August 22, 2013 3:16 pm Published by Becky Marks

After graduating Emory University in Atlanta, GA, I packed my things and moved to NYC for an adventure. I started my career in the home furnishings industry, but quickly realized sales was going to be my niche.

In sales, it’s critical, as well as very personally rewarding, to build strong relationships with clients to help achieve their ultimate goals. I quickly learned this was applicable to any type of sales and moved out of home furnishings into online advertising. 

Before joining Work4 I spent six years at Yahoo! HotJobs, including the time after we were acquired by Monster, helping HR departments go beyond the job board to find candidates.  By focusing on targeting passive candidates and driving traffic back to a client’s jobs we were able to help fill the hardest positions.

Last year, after many of my old Yahoo! friends had followed Brian Louie (Work4 VP of Business Development), to Work4, I was approached with the opportunity to join the Work4 family. This was something I was really excited about, because I would able to continue to work within the HR/recruiting space while becoming part of a small company where I could really make an impact to help to drive overall strategy for a new and unconventional part of our industry. 

 Work4 and Facebook was a very logical next step, because, if you think about going beyond the job board, Facebook is the next frontier, and I love to be on the cutting edge. The transition from job board to Facebook as a platform was easy to explain to customers and very exciting. Proving the power of Facebook for HR has been a very rewarding experience, and I am proud to say I helped some of the world’s biggest companies figure out social media for recruiting 2.0 including Pepsico, AIG, Unilever, Maresk and many other Fortune 500 organizations. My newest challenge as the Director of Partnerships and Alliances is empowering our partners to successfully position Work4 to their clients to ensure success! 

This post was written by Becky Marks

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