Why You Must Be Recruiting on Facebook–Right Now!

August 15, 2013 4:00 pm Published by Kristen Smith


Are you recruiting on Facebook yet? Why not? With millions of professionals making Facebook their home for everything from receiving updates from friends and family to expanding their professional networks and connecting with companies, there is every reason for recruiters to begin making or strengthening their connections through the world’s largest social network.

If you still need a little convincing (or you’d like some help making the case to your company for recruiting on Facebook), then you’ll definitely want to read Work4’s latest whitepaper: The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy.

And if your summer reading list is already getting long, then you can watch and share a summary of the whitepaper in our brand new video (above) and infographic (below).

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Now you have no excuses! Join the thousands of other companies who have already posted over 6 million jobs, and start sourcing and hiring on Facebook today! (And if you want to learn more, be sure to register for our Facebook recruiting webinar on 8/20. Spots fill up quickly, so register now!) 


This post was written by Kristen Smith

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