What Can Recruiters Learn from Pop Music?

March 14, 2014 4:17 pm Published by Kaila Prins

It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get [recruiting] on Friday…

A few years ago, Rebecca Black taught us the days of the week (yesterday is Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, and—believe it or not!—Sunday comes afterwards!). But pop stars aren’t just good for replacing your Google Calendar; they can also teach you about recruiting! 

Here are a couple of Top Hits from around the recruiting sphere:  

Miley Cyrus's Bangerz HR genius

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The Definitive Miley Cyrus Guide to HR

This week, William Tincup of Fistful of Talent parses Miley’s latest album for its brilliant discourse on the finer points of the Human Resources industry. As Tincup says, “Don’t hate her because she’s got a really long, slightly bleached pointy tongue. Hate her because she knows HR better than you.”

If Barry White Were a Recruiter:

There’s more to the recruitment-pop connection than just the music: if you don’t have the stage presence, you won’t build rapport. That’s why Andrew Kinzer sees fit to break down Barry White’s best moves to help you build yours up. The big takeaway? “As you deal with prospects, remember to channel your inner Barry. Be smooth.”  

Why Directioners are the Future of Recruitment:

Last fall, Siofra Pratt drew some astute conclusions about the future of sourcing and recruiting from the fans of One Direction. Apparently, these fan girls would never take “hard-to-find” as an excuse for not pulling up the right information about their favorite boy band. We should all take a lesson from the Directioners, because, as Siofra states, “the future of great recruitment would appear to be safe in the hands of several thousand teenage girls.” 

Don’t be a one-hit wonder! How are YOU planning on hitting the Top 40 with your social recruiting strategies this week? 


This post was written by Kaila Prins

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