Twitter Updates That Will Enhance Your Recruiting Strategy

December 13, 2013 6:40 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas


Over the past two months, Twitter has generated a ton of press after the company finally went public. To prepare, the developers and designers at Twitter updated bits and pieces of the site to better streamline conversations and make the platform more visual.  Following our last post on Facebook’s latest updates, we thought it appropriate to give you a round-up outlining the updates pre/post IPO. 


From live-updates to the incorporation of videos and images right on your Twitter Feed, Twitter is getting bigger and better!

  • Your Twitter feed just got visually optimized! With new image and video previews now generated straight on your stream, there’s no longer a need to click those redirects to get the aesthetic value of Twitter. This development lends itself to visually captivating job posts—now you can attract more passive and active candidates right from your stream!
  • Twitter has become one of the most valuable sources for real-time news updates. The site where stories first break has introduced the “Related Headlines” function. This function allows the permalink you’ve embedded—whether a webinar, job post, whitepaper, etc.—to generate a list of articles that have used the same link.
  • Your interests now come with immediate updates. The “Custom Timelines” feature allows you to organize your twitter feed with ease. If you’re using Tweetdeck, you can now follow hashtags (#facebook, #socialrecruiting, #recruiter, #HR), phrases (graph search recruiter), events (HR tech), and key words (social job sharing) all from the same place.


Have you been using Twitter in your recruiting strategy? If so, how? Do you believe these updates will help with your recruiting efforts? Let me know your comments, concerns, and suggestions in the comments below!



This post was written by Joy Galia Meyouhas


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