#truSanFran 2012 Takeaways

August 21, 2012 7:37 pm Published by Dan Hess

It feels like it was only a month ago when Bill Boorman’s #trucarnival came to The City. Unlike the 2011 event, Twitter was for the most part quiet – chirp chirp, instead of tweet tweet!

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#truSanFran 2012 Takeaways


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Since the gloves-off discussions on the evolving state of recruiting unfolded mostly on the floor, I thought I’d share the notes I jotted down for those of you waiting by the Tweetdeck/HootSuite/what have you.
holla to #trusanfran folks; must be good discussions going on as no one seems to be having enough time to fill up the twitter stream ;-)Robin Schooling
1. People are going from managing hours to managing work.
2. Recruiters are moving from recruiting to program managers as the world evolves into contingent workers
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3. Decision making about candidates are becoming very long with high end positions sometimes taking 6 -24 months to get the right people.  Many in the agencies represented didn’t agree and said with the exception of high end talent, decisions were almost instantaneous.
4. Offer/decline rate has gone from 10% to 50% in the last 5 years
5. Most hires are from people who already have positions, not from those unemployed, which means there is more direct competition.
track from the floor. “how do you recruit candidates when everyone only wants to work for Google” #truSanfranBill Boorman
@BillBoorman Inform them; getting into Google requires Checkers technique, Staying requires Chess technique. But solid careers aren’t a gameRahshad
6. Recruiting is going more inhouse for specific skills and for skills that are outside of core-competency they use agencies.  This seems like it would make for fewer recruiters.
7. Finding “haystacks” is more important that “finding needles.”  Technology is good at finding needles but are useless in finding haystacks.  Don’t only shop Google and LI, look in Bing and Facebook.  Find ways to come up with different sources.  
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