Top Tips For the Socially Savvy Recruiter

April 4, 2014 3:40 pm Published by Anne Fleshman

It’s no secret that Spring is a peak hiring time for many recruiters. Recent grads and jobseekers in any industry significantly affected by the change in weather (think: construction, tourism, hospitality, etc.) will be looking for new opportunities.

This week we’ve rounded up the best recruiter tips from the web to help with your quest to find new talent in the busy months ahead.

Potential Candidates for a Socially Savvy Recruiter

For Twitter Recruiting: 14 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Social Recruiting

If you aren’t using Twitter to it’s fullest potential or are new to social recruitment, look no further: Glen Cathey expertly lays out all you need to know to make Twitter an effective recruiting tool.

For Mobile Recruiting: Applying for Jobs Online: Using a Mobile Solution for Your Online Recruitment

With more and more candidates hunting for jobs on their smartphones, having a mobile-optimized career site is becoming increasingly imperative. RecruitingBlogs dishes on 4 helpful factors to bear in mind when choosing a mobile recruiting a solution  

For Sales Hiring:  6 Tips for Better Sales Recruitment

Recruiting for sales positions is always difficult. Thankfully, Katrina Collier of Winning Impression is doing the research for you by collecting the best interview tips from experienced sales recruiters.

For Recruiting In-Demand Talent: Recruiting Purple Squirrels? Here’s the Trick.

Purple Squirrels are rare and prized among recruiters. It’s essentially a term used to describe a candidate who fits a position’s job description perfectly. Stacy Zapar teaches us the trick to hiring them.

What are your best tips for Spring recruitment?  Please share!


This post was written by Anne Fleshman

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