Three Things You Need to Know About Social Recruiting, Part 3 – Social Job Distribution

September 23, 2014 3:32 pm Published by Katrina Collier

Three things you need to know about social recruiting - p3 social job distribution

I get it, you’ve got a vacancy and you need to fill it fast. But spray ‘n’ pray on social media won’t work! In fact, it’ll undo all the good work you’ve done building a following.

In part one we discussed how to get the best response when you find a great person, which involves using complete social media profiles and a friendly approach. Then in part two, we looked at showing people what a great company you are by sharing insights.

Let’s now look at the final piece, sharing those jobs effectively.

The only way that you’ll get good results from sharing your jobs on social media is if you’ve created that fabulous profile, built a following of the right people, and are regularly sharing great content and engaging with others, so they’ll pass on your stuff.

Think of it as a ratio. Share around 6 pieces of relevant content, yours and others, throughout the course of a day… and then a job post.

“But I can’t be on there all day!”

True! And that’s why scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite are an essential part of your social recruiting tool kit.

To get started you’ll find a great list of articles here or run some hashtag searches on Twitter for skills related to the jobs you recruit for. #careeradvice is a popular hashtag and sharing #jobsearchtips will always attract job seekers.

Once you’ve found sources, people that write content that would be of interest to the people you’re trying to attract, I recommend keeping track of it all in Feedly. In my experience, using Feedly and Buffer is a winning combination.

“ …and those jobs?”

It’s time to get creative!

How about doing something like this like Cloud Nine Recruitment did for Facebook?

cloud nine recruitment

Or this one from Swarovski also on Facebook, written in the local language?

swarovski recruitment

Or you could combine insight & a job on LinkedIn, like Ronak has done.

ronak shah recruitment

Or you could let Work4 generate visual job cards with custom hashtags for you.

custom branded job card

For Twitter, I suggest you upload your picture directly or create a recipe on IFTTT so that your Instagram images reach Twitter as a picture not a link.

Then it’s super easy! You could take a photo of an empty office chair or company mug on Instagram, run it through the filters, add your comment & hashtags, and it would stand out a mile on Twitter, automatically.

So there you have it. Balance your social sourcing, with sharing great content and socialising your employer brand, with the occasional job post and you’ll nail your social recruiting.


This post was written by Katrina Collier

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