The War for Talent

May 7, 2012 8:13 pm Published by Jamie Horton

Does it get much bolder? 42Floors, a San Francisco-based commercial real estate aggregator, recently released a public blog post cum offer letter to UPenn sophomore Dan Shipper. Shipper hadn’t applied for the position, but his experience starting a business of his own and his technical coding skills made him an excellent candidate.

In this depressed job market, there are a lot of job seekers out there that would like to be in Dan’s position. Luckily for them the rise of social recruiting may mean that this daring offer will become much more commonplace. As candidates create more in-depth, accessible social media profiles recruiters and companies will feel more comfortable making offers, or at least interview dates, without candidates actually applying for jobs. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in the San Francisco startup scene.

The perfect storm of factors has come together to create a war for talent in Silicon Valley and the Bay Area at large. With a large number of tech businesses concentrated in the geographic area and flush with VC money, software engineers are flocking to the area. Individuals with degrees from MIT, Berkeley and other top-tier schools are looking to get in on this exciting atmosphere, and if they haven’t started their own tech company already, they want to work for one. So the question arises: how do you find the best talent in such a competitive atmosphere?

Great recruiting minds have tackled that very question, and answers are still hard to find. 42Floors approach is an interesting take, and it looks like companies will have to follow suit and be increasingly daring if they want to get the best recruits out there. For our part in helping companies win the war for talent, we’ll be attending and contributing to the War for Talent Conference in San Francisco on May 7th. Meetups like this are a great way to pick top recruiters’ brains to give your company the edge it needs.

How is your company going after top candidates? Are you waiting for applications or going after these talented individuals? Let us know in the comments, or even better, join us at the War for Talent Conference today!

This post was written by Jamie Horton

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