The Most Important Facebook Insights for Career Pages (Part Two)

July 29, 2013 3:34 pm Published by Bill Boorman

In the first part of this blog series we looked at what I consider to be the most important insights for a Facebook Career Page, namely engagement and “People Talking About This,” inspired by a post on the Agorapulse blog, which covers facebook Insights for general Brand Pages. All page administrators have access to the Insight data for their own page, and in these posts, I discuss how to use this data for your Facebook Careers Page strategy.

The difference between fan reach and organic reach can vary significantly from one Page to another.

3: Fan Reach

Reach is different from the number of fans. It doesn’t really matter how many fans have liked your Career Page in the past’ what is important is how many of them get to see your updates in their Newsfeeds now. This figure relates to the direct views by fans and not to the views of friends of fans.

This is important to keep an eye on, because fans can opt to hide your posts from their stream due to your page being too “noisy” or your updates irrelevant. When people choose to hide you, things aren’t working. Growth in fan reach indicates that you are doing things right and keeping fans switched on, whereas a drop in fans shows cause for concern.

You can find Fan Reach by exporting the data in excel format from your Insights report. It is a bit fiddly, but the number is important enough that you should make the effort.

4: Organic reach

This figure also relates to your direct fans as opposed to views by friends of fans, but this one also includes views via widgets on blogs and other web pages. This is important because you can build a picture of how well your widgets are working.

When your like boxes and other widgets bring a new audience, you get new fans, and new fans means new candidates, as well as a whole new audience. An increasing number of companies are finding their Career Pages to be as important as their Career Sites, and many have been embeding content boxes to attract interested parties to connect via Facebook.

The relationship a fan has with a hiring company on their fan page, as opposed to their Career Page is quite different. The Career Site is the “shop,” whereas the Career Page is the “club,” and the content posted on each should reflect this. This is evidenced by the number of visitors who view pages via widgets on pages (as measured by organic reach), and by initiatives like the highly effective retargeting of anyone from Career Page viewers who don’t apply for jobs to fans of the Career Page. You can access organic reach on your Insights page by clicking on “Reach” and by clicking on the “Organic” section of the reach chart.

Insights is your page’s data center, and it lets you know just how you are getting on. You invest a lot of time in your page, and quite often money. An increasing number of hiring companies are turning to Facebook Career Pages as an alternative to corporate career sites or as an extension of their talent attraction strategy–and without an understanding of how and why people come to and follow your careers, there will be a battle to get and keep fans.

What we are learning is that the way in which people view Facebook is different from how they view other parts of the web, in that people want to stay connected to receive relevant and engaging updates, and that they develop attachments to those Career Pages that keep them engaged, while disconnecting with those who don’t. Learn to monitor and understand your page insights to get the best Facebook recruiting results.


This post was written by Bill Boorman

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