The Jobseeker Edition: How to Get a Job with Social Media

September 20, 2013 4:34 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas

With the increasing pressure for recruiters to use social media as a means of sourcing talent, jobseekers must do all they can to keep up with the ever-changing trends on social networking sites. So, this one goes out to all the potential candidates! Here are some great tips and guidelines for putting the best YOU forward.

  • Who would’ve thought that those awkward first dates could guarantee its victims some business savvy knowledge? This article from Social-Hire  discusses how to create a dynamic conversation with your interviewer, and  how to use handy information on the Internet to help in the interview process.
  • Not only are employers looking at your social media accounts to assess your capability or fit for a position, but they are also using the networking sites to find their potential candidates. The following article details the latest social media statistics and exactly how you can become a social media savant in your own right.
  •  Sending out your resume can become a tedious and taxing process. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply attract job opportunities, instead of actively seeking them out? Well now you can: this “howto” takes you through the step-by-step process of how to build your very own social media resume.
  • Creating an overall presence on social media can boost your job search efforts and ultimately create a stronger, more engaging “self-brand.” This Brooklyn Resume Studio article breaks down social media strategies for jobseekers, and explains how personal branding can set you apart from other potential candidates.

Have you put effort into creating a personal brand on your social networking accounts? What new strategies are you excited to use in your pursuit for the right job? Please, share your comments and thoughts below!


This post was written by Joy Galia Meyouhas

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