The Facebook Blog Carnival #Work4Carnival: The Top 5 Posts

May 22, 2013 6:56 pm Published by Bill Boorman


Work4 blog carnival for social recruiting practices

This is really exciting for me to be reviewing some great posts talking about Facebook recruiting that were submitted by you.

While this isn’t a competition, if it were, THIS post from Robin Schooling over at the HR Schoolhouse Blog would definitely win it. Robin and I are sometimes speaking-partners-in-crime at #SHRM events. Robin manages to combine real-world, hands-dirty HR with this brave new social world. In the post “Curiouser and Curiouser,” Schooling makes some brilliant points while looking at why HR fears Facebook, such as:

“I recently talked to…a company that won an award (!) for its robust, engaging and successful Facebook campus recruiting page. I checked it out and saw recruiters building relationships with students early in their college careers, leading to internships and ultimately professional positions upon graduation. Sadly, upon reporting for duty on day 1, the freshly-minted college grad who had been wooed, courted and had lots of conversations where he hung out, found that access to all social channels (including, naturally, Facebook) was blocked at the office.”

Just brilliant. Go read it.

Next up is THIS great post from the wonder girl who is Trish McFarlane over at the HRingleader blog, where she asks how real you are on Facebook. Now, before you reach for the sick bucket thinking this is all about “being authentic, and transparent, and honest,” let me assure you that is not what it is about. Check out this thinking:

“We all have people in our lives who only share happy news. You know the ones….your friends who use Facebook to paint a picture of life in Utopia. They have the perfect jobs, the perfect homes, the perfect kids, pets, you name it. They are constantly at Starbucks taking pictures of their perfect coffee. They are always upbeat and have status updates that tell you how wonderful their day is going.

Then there are people like me.”

I love this post, and it does make you think about how you may be making your friends’ lives miserable. See what you think.

This next one is not a blog post, but a presentation built on Prezi by Hungarian sourcing genius Balaz Parocsy titled Cracking open Facebook. The prezi has been viewed over 4000 times, and includes such gems as:

–  “ Facebook is searchable

–  Change the mindset

–  Forget Boolean

–  Forget skill/keyword-based-search

–  Learn what to search for

–  Companies/Employees Networks/Interests (Use for cross-referencing)”

I’m a long term fan of Balaz. This presentation opens your mind to what is possible on Facebook.

If you are a recruiter and you don’t know Glen Cathey and his blog the Boolean Black Belt, then you should. Glen is the master of all things sourcing. I’ve followed his work for some time. He is a genius when it comes to interrogating the internet. In this Vlog, Glen gives his first impression of Facebook Graph Search, on the first day he got it. If you are still wondering about Facebook for sourcing, then you should take a look.

The last one is from my blog, The Recruiting Unblog. It is my most viewed post, and a story I get asked about at least once a day. This is the story of how we worked with Hard Rock Café when they were staffing their new venue in Florence, Italy, and successfully hired 120 people in 4 weeks, carrying out the whole process–end to end–from within Facebook. I don’t know of any other campaign that has matched this. You can read this, and the other two parts of the story HERE.

Hope you enjoyed the #Work4Carnival. I’m happy to feature any other posts you submit,


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