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High volumes of candidates for low to mid tier positions

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For your low to mid tier positions, W4 Pipeline identifies the right audiences on Facebook (not only job seekers, but also passive candidates), advertises the job position on candidates’ news feeds, and allows them to easily apply. When combined with Work4’s patented recruiting technology, Facebook’s targeted advertising platform becomes the must-have tool in every company’s recruitment tool-box.

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Metro Staffing’s challenge is always to find candidates both untapped and highly qualified for their partners. They felt their use of Facebook was not cost-effective yet. They needed help.


  • 50+ different jobs advertised straight from the Facebook company page for technicians and machine operators

  • Mobile compatibility

  • Unique targeting of qualified applicants


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Receive thousands of applications each month with W4 Pipeline

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W4 Pipeline

High volumes of candidates for low to mid tier positions

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