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July 20, 2012 7:18 pm Published by Bill Boorman

I’ve been friends with John Sumser of HRx Analysts since we first met three years ago in Toronto. We speak quite often. We sometimes agree; we usually argue the finer points of everything. It’s one of those relationships where you feel comfortable disagreeing in order to arrive at a deeper understanding of what you’re discussing. Despite the disagreement I always respect his view, and I know that when he talks about something it is usually right and about to go mainstream.

We’ve talked about Facebook quite a lot–particularly about how this super-channel with so many members and so much time spent online by its use might work out for recruiting. One thing’s for sure: Facebook has become the dominant channel for communication and connection by people of all ages and professions. I call it the “life channel” because whatever is going on in my life gets updated on Facebook.

What I know about John is that he takes time to properly understand a new technology, methodology or technique before he forms an opinion or makes a statement about the way ahead. He has seen enough “shiny new things” to know that a watching brief is the best approach, and therefore cutting through the hype.

So I was very pleased to hear that John was working on a paper with Work4 Labs on Facebook recruiting entitled “21st Century Employment Branding – A Guide to Facebook Recruiting Basics.” I got a sneak peek last week at SHRM12 in Atlanta. It is what it says on the cover: the solid data you need to justify the business case for recruiting on Facebook, divided into three sections: Facebook Pages, Job Listings, and Targeted Ads.

It is a simple guide covering areas I have spoken about before, such as turning employees into brand advocates, generating meaningful content, engaging with fans, implementing targeted advertising to build communities, and managing applications. The paper forms an excellent blueprint, and is one you should share with all members of your recruiting team to help build your company or organization’s approach to Facebook recruiting.

You can download the paper here. It’s free, takes minutes, and will be key in helping you clarify and refine your social recruiting strategy.

– Bill

This post was written by Bill Boorman

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