Sourcing Best Candidates With Graph Search


Your Facebook page: A key element to use Facebook for recruitment

To stand out in an organic search, you must first optimize your Facebook Page for recruiting. This means investing a bit of time and effort into creating engaging posts, using photos and other visuals, to increase engagement. To take full advantage of your presence on social media, you can also publish all your job openings online using Work’s application for your Facebook job postings.

However, it’s not enough to set up a Facebook page and hope the right people will show up; you must be strategic and proactive to recruit through Facebook.

Recruiting on Facebook made easier with Graph Search

Graph Search is a revolutionary way to search for people within your own Facebook network by using natural language. Its recent release has dramatically changed the way you can pair this essential new tool with your Facebook recruiting process.

In this white paper, you will learn how to screen different profiles usingGraph Search, and how to introduce yourself to the people whose credentials match your Facebook online jobs. This incredible Facebook tool will make your social recruitment worthy of a five-star review. You’ll have the perfect recipe for sourcing success!

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