Social Recruiting Technology Q+A with Katrina Collier, Winning Impression

November 4, 2013 5:00 pm Published by Katrina Collier

This Q+A series will take a look at perspectives about social recruiting technology from thought leaders around the blogosphere! Today, we spoke with Katrina Collier, Speaker, Writer, & Trainer at Winning Impression, to get her take on social media recruitment. 

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1. With the way technology is growing and changing, what do you think the future of recruiting will look like? Will programs and computers take over the role of the recruiter?

Your company’s success or failure depends on the caliber of the people you hire and without ‘human’ assessment of applicants I feel your company could be doomed. In my career, I’ve seen some of the best hires made without the submission of a resume or the completion of an application form, a computer system wouldn’t understand recruiting without data. Also, how often have you hired someone who only 70% fit the brief because they had the right ‘people’ skills and fitted your company’s culture? In my opinion, no amount of mathematical analysis will ever replace the personal touch and gut instinct. 

2. The internet is abuzz with talk about social recruiting–how important is it for employers to include a social component in their recruiting strategies–and why? 

Social recruitment is now proven. It reduces costs, saves time, improves calibre of hire, increases employee referrals and improves staff retention. The time for ignoring it has passed. 

 I break social recruiting down into:

Social sourcing – locating & contacting passive candidates on social media channels. This can be done for little or no cost in comparison to traditional recruitment methods. 

– Social job distribution – this is sharing your jobs on your social networks and getting your employees involved and championing your company. This increases employee referrals, those hires proven to have the highest retention. 

– Using social media to promote your Employer Brand – and frankly, if companies still have their heads in the sand, this is where they will come unstuck. If they’re ignoring the likes of Glassdoor or still not monitoring their online reputation, they’ll be missing out on great future recruits… and great recruits = company success!

I’ve also noticed a lovely shift in the way employees are now treated. For those companies savvy enough to embrace social, they accept that their staff can be found online and, rather than fear it, they ensure their team is happy so they stay and so they promote the company which benefits more than just recruitment. 

3. What about the platforms that are a little harder to utilize on a daily basis (i.e. Instagram, Pinterest)? How do you “accessorize” your recruiting outfit without overdoing it? 

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ have all changed their platforms to accommodate pictures. Why? Because it’s popular content. I’m quite visual and creative so I don’t think you can over do it! 

But, of course, this is such a change from traditional left brain recruitment, which has always been very wordy. When I started my career, I looked in the newspaper to find a job and I took the time to read and absorb its contents. Today’s online world is fast. You have mere seconds to grab attention, pictures do that. Embed them in your blogs, pin them to your boards, and share them on your social channels. Be creative. 

You know I love Instagram from my previous post, and I think its uses are only limited by your imagination. Not only can you use it to create pictures that give immediate insight, you can create engaging 15 second videos, and tap into the amazing Instagram communities.  

4. Let’s talk about the recruiters who are on the front lines, using all of this new technology. How can they avoid a “trial by fire” when it comes to understanding and using all of these new developments? 

Remember the adage that ‘people buy from people’ so: 

– Use a profile picture where you look professional, friendly & approachable and consistently use it across your social profiles (unless you don’t want them found)

– Complete your profiles and ensure that they are engaging, insightful and show your personality

– Share great content & industry insights as well as your jobs

With Facebook you can lock down your profile so only your friends see your updates but to avoid negative repercussions, think before you post “would I say that in front of my grandmother (or even great grandmother)?” No? Then don’t post it. “Could this be misconstrued?” Yes? Then don’t post it. “Does this make me look bad?” Yes. Then don’t post it.  

Finally, monitor your reputation! Set up Google alerts, Tweetbeeps etc. If you do upset someone, be genuine, take ownership, apologize, and learn from it.  

5. Social networking is all about who you know… so what are your best tips for helping potential candidates get to know your company, your brand, or your jobs when trying to grow your talent pool?  

Don’t hide behind a logo! Let people in, let them know you.  

Social media is word of mouth on steroids, take advantage of this and give a 360 view of your company. Show the great job your company does with LinkedIn testimonials from your happy clients and use video to give insights from your employees that showcase ‘life at work’, then ask your employees (who are happy to champion your firm) and your network to spread the word. 


This post was written by Katrina Collier

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