Social Job Sharing on Social Media: Facts and Figures

Infographic Social Job Sharing

How can your company benefits from implementing a social media recruiting strategy?

With social recruiting, you surpass job boards by spreading your job offers on social recruiting platforms to more than 1.9 billion potential candidates. An even better reason for using social media for recruitment is that this is the best way to reach passive candidates – people who are already employed but who would be ready to change jobs if the right opportunity presented itself.

Why is Social Job Sharing a must-have social recruiting tool?

Referrals have always been the best source of high quality candidates, so why not start social recruitment via your fans and employees right now? If you engage your social talent pool by sharing your job openings, your company can expect up to a 50% reduction in sourcing costs alone! By using Social Job Sharing, you also get the added benefit of bringing your branded employer message and open positions to the extended social network of your fans for free! So don’t wait any longer, social job advertisements have proven to be an invaluable
 component of successful recruiting initiatives. Many well-known companies are already using this powerful tool; so get started today and learn about Facebook Job Ads For Recruiting!

“The most successful companies are making sure that their jobs are on a mobile recruitment website, no matter how their talent arrives.”