Social Job Posting: A Performance-Based Model for Social Recruiting on Facebook

August 28, 2015 3:05 pm Published by Matteo Batazzi


At Work4, we recognize that both big data and social media have changed the way we recruit. Because Facebook continually urges its users to complete their profiles with relevant personal information, we know that social media is an exceptional resource for recruitment solutions. By having a talent pool of more than 1.3 billion users with completed profiles, Facebook has already become the best place to recruit online – which is why our team has created our brand new Social Job Posting service.

Leverage Facebook to Access Your Perfect Talent Pool

Social Job Posting is a step above the traditional Facebook Ad. By creating a performance-based model for sourcing talent, Work4 has enhanced two major aspects of social recruiting:

  • Capitalizing on user information to strategically focus on your most important positions.
  • Solidifying Facebook’s position as the best place to find talent online.

Social Job Posting has been specifically designed to make use of all available Facebook data so that our customers achieve the best results.

SJP: The Most Advanced Version of Facebook Ads for Recruiting

At Work4 we strongly believe that Social Job Posting is a game-changer for social recruiting, and here’s why:

  • Pay per apply-click model: pay for ad clicks, not “likes” or “shares”.
  • Automated posting: set up your ad criteria once and let our technology do the rest.
  • Simple content creation: images are relevant and simple to manage.
  • Easily scalable: our solution allows us to scale your campaign as you want.

In conclusion, SJP is excellent for quickly and easily posting multiple offers on Facebook. It’s a cost-effective solution that brings more volume than traditional Facebook Ads. Our clients such as Groupon, Hard Rock Cafe, and Carrefour are thrilled with their results, and their feedback has been outstanding.

Want to learn more about what Social Job Posting can bring to your social recruiting strategy? Feel free to contact us at: and we’ll provide you with more details about our products and what we can bring to your Social Recruitment strategy.

This post was written by Matteo Batazzi

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