Science of Social Job Sharing


With Automatic Job Posts

One of the most obvious types of content, that easily builds engagement, is a job posting. If you’re still wondering where to post your job openings, and how to post them, then the answers you’re looking for are in this white paper!

If you want to optimize the amount of time and effort you spend creating a job post, you need a way to automate the system. Not only do you need to efficiently post new jobs on your social channels, but you also need to encourage your followers to share your job offers. Using automatic means less time spent on sourcing active candidates and headhunting passive ones.

Amplify Social Media Job Posting with the Social Job Sharing

You should also ask your employees to share your job posts through their own networks to increase your reach. Members of your talent community may see a job post that could interest their friends, and from there they could share it on their own Timelines. If qualified candidates happen to be scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed, and notices that one of their friends posted 
a job, they’ll be more likely to click and investigate further. You’re saving your company time and money on advertising while planting the seed for potential job applicants. It’s a win-win solution!

Learn More

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