Roane Transportation scales driver recruitment with Facebook

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Roane Transportation is a commercial transportation company where candidate volume and quality have a direct impact on business. The challenge for Roane was that traditional sources of applications were delivering the same candidates over and over and the need for having both new and quality applicants was becoming critical. After running a few successful tests on Facebook they saw that it could become a strong source of candidates but they needed a technology to scale their efforts and also optimize the cost and quality of applicants.


To help Roane achieve their goals on Facebook, Work4 implemented two strategies. The first strategy was to launch ongoing targeted Facebook ads to present jobs in the news feeds of drivers. Then, Work4 built an integration to automate the posting of Roane jobs to Facebook Marketplace. Work4 continuously monitors the ads and Marketplace to help improve the CTR, cost and quality of applications. To help Roane to screen candidates, qualifying questions were implemented both with the ads and on Marketplace.

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In the last 4 months: 591 driver applications received at an average cost per apply of $5.06.

“Thanks to Work4, our number of new applications from Facebook has tripled and Facebook is now our top source of hire. The volume has been great enough to allow us to stop using other sources. And thanks to the quality of candidates, we have been able to both reduce turnover and also increase our our fleet by 5%.

– Aubrey Jones, Operations Manager