Retail Recruiting on Facebok by the numbers

Infographic Recruiting Facebook

How to Recruit on Facebook?

Facebook is the world’s largest personal and professional network, which is why you should take advantage of it and implement a Facebook recruitment process. Create a community where interested job seekers can learn about your company’s career opportunities by optimizing Facebook as a recruiting tool.

Post jobs on Facebook and become a major Facebook recruiter

To make sure that you are optimizing Facebook for recruiting, it’s critical to maintain a constant stream of engaging content. With Work4 that content can be your employment brand, your recruiting message, or your jobs on Facebook. Every position you’re looking to fill should be posted on your wall so fans can easily like, comment, or share your jobs. If you want to create a dedicated Facebook job board where candidates can apply within Facebook, you can turn to our Work For Us [link to solution] Facebook application.

“You will miss out on a great opportunity to hire your best-fit candidates unless you start recruiting on facebook today!