Predictions for the Future of Human Resources

October 4, 2013 4:35 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas

The future of recruiting is inextricably tied to the future of the whole Human Resources department. In fact, the partnership between HR and recruiting can also be extended into all departments within business: marketing, sales, etc. Therefore, the future of HR  technology ultimately can influence and dictate changes throughout a company. 

So what does the future of HR look like? Erin Osterhaus, Managing Editor and recruiting software analyst at The New Talent Times  shared her predictions a short while back in her piece on the “HR department of 2020.”   These predictions sparked the question for us here at Work4: Just what will the HR department of the future look like?

This week’s link round-up aims to expand on what’s to come for HR and how these changes will affect your business.



  • After asking experts their predictions, and doing some industry research, Erin Osterhaus expanded on her “HR department of 2020” by identifying 5 up-and-coming roles that firms will need to staff for their HR departments of the future.
  • We’ve said it before, but the similarities between marketing and HR continue to outweigh the differences.  William Tincup debates the need for a “Chief Brand Officer” to bring the departments together.
  • Who better to predict the future challenges that HR may face than The Society for Human Resource Management? SHRM has created a slideshare that demonstrates the likelihood of shortcomings for HR departments in the next 10 years.
  • Let’s face it; technology has thrown the business world for a loop. As new advancements push aside yesterday’s technology, it’s no secret that every business department will be affected by new software developments, HR included. Sean Jacobsohn describes the progress of employee-centric HR software and how employees will come to interact with the HR department.

What do you think will happen in the future for Human Resources? Do you think these predictions are valid? Are you ready to take on the unexpected and exciting new developments in store for the future? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


This post was written by Joy Galia Meyouhas

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