One More Reason that Facebook is a Great Platform for Recruiters and Jobseekers

December 6, 2013 5:26 pm Published by Kristen Smith

Facebook is getting more recruiter- and jobseeker-friendly every day. 

A few months back, Facebook started prompting users to fill out their profile data in order to provide users with a better, more customized experience. As we’ve seen, not only does profile data help advertisers target users with relevant content, but it also makes the user experience better with Graph Search. 

The more the user gives of him or herself to the platform, the better he or she will be able to find relevant content, within and outside of his or her network—including jobs and potential employers. 

And now it looks like Facebook has released another update to make the job search easier for candidates—and easier for recruiters who are sourcing on the network: according to InsideFacebook, Facebook is now asking users to complete their work history, and giving them the option to publicly (or privately) announce that they are not currently employed. 

Fill In Your Facebook Profile

Though small, this change will add yet another opportunity for jobseekers and recruiters to get in touch and use the Facebook platform to build employment relationships. 

By letting others know they’re looking for a job, jobseekers open themselves up to contact by recruiters who are sourcing through solutions such as Graph Search Recruiter, as well as to friends who are sharing jobs through an employee referral program. 

Recruiters who are sourcing on Facebook will be able to better discern the intentions of potential candidates, especially active candidates who previously had no way to make their job search publicly known but for their involvement in a company’s Facebook talent community. 

Looks like another social recruiting win-win! What are your thoughts on this latest update to the Facebook platform? Leave a comment below! 


This post was written by Kristen Smith

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