New HCI Research: The Latest Trends and Challenges in Talent Acquisition

July 11, 2014 5:28 pm Published by Anne Fleshman

Talent Pulse from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) is a quarterly research e-book that explores the latest trends and challenges in managing talent. Topics for each quarter’s analysis are determined by survey responses of HR and business professionals.

The report is designed to provide practitioners and decision makers with prescriptive methods to rehabilitate the health and wellness of human capital, and empower employees and leaders to effectively address future challenges. 

Talent Pulse from HCI, Quarterly Report

The July 2014 Talent Pulse talent acquisition research report features:

-Strategies for sourcing passive candidates and the importance of employee referrals

-How to train, track and measure for social media recruitment success

-The role of employment branding in talent acquisition, and how improving your employer brand can lead to more quality hires

-Insight from industry thought leaders (and Work4 customers) including Dustin Carper, Employment Brand Strategist at Groupon

Click here to download your copy. 

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Source: Human Capital Institute | Published July 1, 2014

This post was written by Anne Fleshman

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