New Feature: Custom Branding for Job Cards

August 11, 2014 3:49 pm Published by Matthew Brown

A strong employer brand is the foundation for building an effective social recruiting strategy. The better you showcase your employment brand, the easier it will be for potential candidates to envision what it will be like to work for your company. But developing a strong employer brand that differentiates you from the competition takes thought, time and effort.

That’s why we’ve released a new feature that makes it easier for companies, recruiters and their employees to spread their employer brand and make their job postings more visible on social media.

Introducing: Custom Branding for Job Cards

Our new Job Cards feature allows you to upload multiple images to your Recruiter Dashboard for use on your Social Job Sharing postings to Twitter and Facebook.

Custom Branded Job Cards for Twitter and Facebook will:

-Make your job posts more visible (and beautiful!)

-Improve the candidate experience for your job seekers

-Give you better control over the visual elements of your employer brand

Custom Branding for Job Cards is intuitive and easy to use. Here’s how it works:

1. Recruiter Admins can access Job Cards Image Upload by clicking on the new “Employer Branding” tab on your Recruiter Dashboard.

(e.g. http://workforus/COMPANY/recruiter)

employer brand dashboard

2. Once inside the Job Cards tab, you can upload any images you want to appear on your Facebook and Twitter Job Cards.

Don’t worry, we’ve made sure you can’t upload a “bad” image. Images are automatically cropped to fit the dimensions of Job Cards; if an image is too small or too big, you’ll see an error message.

If you haven’t already added any branded images, the default is your Facebook Cover Image. You can pause, play, delete or add images at any time.

employer brand add image

3. Active images will now be rotated for all recruiters’ future jobs posts shared on Facebook and Twitter.

employer brand job card corporate

employer branded job card recruiter


Please feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact with any questions.

Happy social job sharing!


This post was written by Matthew Brown

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