Mobile Recruitment Link Roundup!

March 29, 2013 5:17 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

Is your company hip to mobile? Getting social with recruiting and employer branding is key in today’s mobile world. Candidates are on the go and using their smartphones for nearly everything and recruiters are still catching up. New tools and tech are continually being released to provide candidates with the best user experience.

Industry leaders are discussing the importance of going mobile with social recruiting. Using social to build your brand on the fly will catch those candidates searching for your brand on their mobile device.

A study released in February 2013 shows a gap between savvy candidates and recruiters. Only 110 out of 649 employers surveyed have mobile career sites! Build a talent community by offering mobile flexibility to smartphone users.

How do you reach out to top candidates? Making the application process as simple as possible attracts job seekers on the go.  Allison Reilly’s “What You Need to Know about Mobile Recruiting” claims 7 out of 10 candidates use mobile to search for jobs.

Connect the right candidates with the right opportunities at the right time. Undercover Recruiter’s video discusses reaching candidates with social, mobile, and video.

The skyrocketing rise in mobile usage has presented new ways for employers to reach job seekers, and employers without a mobile presence will be left in the dust. Check out this great read from Simply Hired.

With the emergence of a tech savvy generation of workers, a new set of challenges emerges. Talent management is becoming a key strategic tool. This infographic answers the question “Why mobile for recruiting?” Is your company up to the challenge?

How is your brand using mobile and social for recruitment?

This post was written by Megan Lunetta

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