Mobile Recruitment: Facts and Figures

Infographic Mobile Recruiting

How Mobile Recruiting is Changing the Hiring Process

Mobile is on the rise, and employers are now updating their hiring process to better reach talent. Mobile recruiting has become an optimal channel to reach the well-connected, but busy, candidates on their smartphone. To stay ahead of the competition, you should start seeking new ways to optimize your content, emails, and job postings for mobile recruitment websites.

A mobile recruiting strategy helps engage hard-to-reach candidates

Mobile recruiting solutions have enabled employers to connect with passive candidates that they, otherwise, would not have engaged. Posting jobs on mobile-optimized websites also allows your company to deliver more personalized messages that under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been noticed by job-seekers. With Work4’s mobile-optimized recruiting solutions, you can be the first to reach top talent.

“63% of potential candidates are searching for a job on a mobile device”