Mobile Recruiting Strategy


Mobile Recruitment: Improving the Candidate Experience

Whether or not you are prepared for it, your top candidates are already looking at job openings on their mobile devices. As mobile go mainstream, job seekers expect to have the same experience on a smartphone as 
they do on a computer. However, viewing a site on a mobile device is very different than on a desktop. Unless a site is optimized for smaller screens, there’s usually a lot of pinching and zooming (plus a little hair-pulling) going on.

You may think that simply creating a mobile recruitment website is enough, but it’s not. In this white paper, you will learn how to create the best possible mobile experience for your candidates.

Adopt the best Mobile Recruiting Solution

You could build a native mobile recruiting app; however, it’s typically a costly and time-consuming mistake. You might also be tempted to create a responsive website that will automatically adjust the width and content to fit a user’s screen, but as with a native app, this approach comes with significant pitfalls.

At Work4, we recommend creating a separate mobile recruitment website that syncs with your Applicant Tracking System. If you don’t have an existing ATS, we can help you create a mobile recruiting form that captures the candidate’s information so you can follow up with them later via email.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about mobile recruitment, download the following white papers: What Is Social Recruiting? or Facebook Ads for Recruiting.