Mobile Recruiting IS Social Recruiting

September 24, 2013 6:16 pm Published by Kristen Smith



If you’re anything like me, you’ve been following all of the major social recruiting blogs and Twitter personalities–and you’ve been reading more and more about the importance of “mobile” to your hiring success. 

But what is mobile hiring and what does hardware have to do with your social recruiting strategy? 

 Let’s break it down: 

“Mobile” as a strategy simply refers to making it possible for your audience to interact with your company’s message on the screen of a handheld computing device. And by the end of this year, there will be more of these “handheld computing devices” than people on earth. 

When it comes to your mobile strategy, it’s important to remember that not all websites are created equal when it comes to the mobile experience. Due to the processing capabilities of mobile devices, as well as the limited screen space and the need for links and forms that are touchable (as opposed to clickable), mobile web sites are, by their very nature, different from desktop sites. 

“Mobile,” whether you’re in marketing or recruiting, will help you reach your target audience as mobile devices are continuously optimized for web surfing–and for social media use. 

Here’s where it gets interesting for your social recruiting strategy: mobile job searches double year over year, and your candidates will increasingly be connecting with your company’s careers by visiting your career sites on their mobile devices. And while more people are accessing web sites on mobile, they’re also accessing their social media on mobile devices as well. (More than 50% of Facebook users log on daily through their mobile devices, and it’s even higher for Twitter.) 

If you want to address today’s socially-connected, on-the-go candidates, then you have to be able to address the following questions with your mobile recruitment technology: 

  1. What happens when a candidate tries to view your careers from their mobile devices? Are the job descriptions readable, and can they be saved for later? 
  2. Can your job ads reach them on their mobile devices? 
  3. Can your candidates see referrals from their friends while they’re on mobile? 
  4. Can they upload their resumes saved in dropbox or email, and do they have the option to apply in 1-Click using basic information in their social profiles?

For more on why and how mobile recruiting is social recruiting, check out Work4’s brand new video (above) and infographic (below). Don’t forget to share them with your colleagues–let’s get everyone on the mobile recruitment bandwagon!

What mobile recruitment practices have you put into play? Is your mobile hiring social? What will you do in the coming months to better integrate mobile into your talent acquisition strategy? 




This post was written by Kristen Smith


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