Mobile is the Tipping Point for Social Recruiting

November 18, 2013 4:43 pm Published by Chris Fields

On my YouTube channel, 67% of my traffic comes from a mobile device. There are various reports that project in 2014, for the first time in history more people will access the internet via a smartphone or tablet versus a desktop. I’m certain that the analytics of other websites and metric tools would probably show similar results–the point being that mobile internet usage is increasing. People are accessing everything on the go–including jobs. It’s been reported that anywhere from 50 – 70% of all job seekers are searching for new jobs on a mobile device.

The wonderful thing about jobseekers is that they cross all demographics and generations.  Some are very advanced with mobile and social recruiting, and others are late adopters. Most businesses, too, are late adopters to technology and innovation. First, they wrestle with understanding it. Then they try to limit or control it. Finally, after others prove that it works, they try to utilize it. This is what’s happening with social media, mobile technology and recruitment. And far too many companies still do not have websites which are optimized for jobseekers’ mobile devices. 

Today’s jobseeker is used to accessing information quickly. They want to be able to apply with a touch of a button,  instantly sharing their resumes, cover letters, websites and or LinkedIn profiles. They do not want sit down and fill out a 30 minute web-based application. That’s archaic. With professional networks like LinkedIn and there is really no excuse for having slow processes. Seriously, this can affect your talent and your brand.

Nevertheless, many application processes are slow, belabored and down-right frustrating, causing the candidate to have a bad experience. If they can’t quickly apply, they move along to a company that is more advanced. 

I’m sure recruiters are feeling the frustration too, because they are not able to reach “top talent.” Social networks are paying attention and making adjustments to help make the social recruiter’s job a little easier. For example, Facebook recently announced it would be making changes to its privacy settings, which, when combined with Graph Search, would allow recruiters access better access to source from 1.15 billion users.

You see the signs with each release of the latest device from Windows, Samsung, or Apple; millions go out and buy the thinner, faster, more expensive toy. Mobile will be huge in the recruiting and talent acquisition game, so don’t be reactive to this “tipping point” of technology; be proactive. As the workforce evolves each year, the talent becomes more comfortable with tech, and they expect a certain amount of access when checking out your websites.  

And just to spell it out: if your goal is to attract the best and the brightest, you must use the proper bait. You should invest in mobile and social recruiting because it increases your visibility.. It also gives the applicant a better experience, which they will gladly boast about to their friends–which, in turn, increases your available applicant pool. Mobile is absolutely your best bet for putting your careers where they stand the best chance of being seen, shared, and applied to. A social recruiting “tipping point” indeed!


This post was written by Chris Fields

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