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May 30, 2013 5:39 pm Published by Patricia Sheppard

Every month at Work4, three employees are selected to “Live My Life” in another department in order to broaden his or her understanding of the company, the product, and the culture. This month, Customer Success Manager Patricia Sheppard joined the Marketing team. This is her story:

This week I experienced what it’s like to be in the Marketing department at Work4. The first question you might ask is “What does Marketing do?”  Marketing encompasses everything related to who Work4’s customers are, why they buy, the competition, the company’s position in the market place, and what growth opportunities are available. In essence, they are responsible for developing our marketing strategy.

Next question is, “But who are our marketing team, and what exactly do they do?” That depends on who you ask. Some members described themselves as having a “unicorn jobs” because they are not easily defined, as each person juggles multiple functions. But here’s what I spent the day learning about from team “MAKES A YAK” (Megan, Akshaya, Kaila,, Eileen, Shoshana, Adriana, Yanfei, Anne ,and Kirsten):

Social Media:  Managing social media accounts, blogging, community outreach

Events and Webinars:  Event marketing, tradeshows, speaking engagements, partner events, seminars, awards, event logistics, trade show registrations

Copywriting/Editing: Corporate messaging, thought leadership, copywriting, collateral, webinar abstracts,

Graphic Design: Creative design, web design branding

Product Marketing: Sales collateral, training, product launches, customer rollouts, speaking submissions, case studies

Web Design: Web engineering, web content management

Demand Generation: Email marketing landing pages, advertising, search engine optimization, analytics and reporting, lead nurture

I sat with each of the members of the marketing team for at least 45 minutes and walked away with a better understanding of what each person does and the role they play to forward our strategies. We posted my first blog, helped create a training deck for our partners, and added my two-cents on our conference give-away.

There is deep admiration for those that have the ability to shape other’s concepts into tangible materials. I am amazed with our wordsmiths, presentation creators and designers whose creativity helps define our position in the market. I am proud to work with a team of unicorns whose jobs are unique and who make marketing look easy by making their hard work behind the scenes feel imaginary to those of us on the other side!

This post was written by Patricia Sheppard

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