Live My Life: Marketing at Work4 #2

August 13, 2013 4:00 pm Published by Florent Bachelier

Here at Work4 we are testing an idea we had a long time ago while joking during lunchtime: why not live somebody else’s life in the company? We put a plan into action a few months ago in the San Francisco and Paris offices, and the response has been exceedingly positive.

So all of the members of the Work4 team will have the chance to live somebody’s else life at least one time per year–and today it was my turn to experience it.

For this Live My Life, I decided to learn more about the Marketing team. As a developer, I don’t often get to work with the Marketing team, and I was eager to discover how they make the solutions we craft famous. 🙂

Here we are: no more technical tasks, no more bugs, no more code line for me. Today it will be all about “lead generation,” “webinars,” “Public Relations” and “Social Media.”

I began the day with Shoshana at a Product meeting. The aim was to make sure that the Marketing team is up to date with all the new features released during the upcoming week. Once done, I jumped into a webinar about best practices for using Facebook’s recent updates for recruiting. I was impressed by the quality of the speech, as it was both very accurate and fun. For those who want to know all the cutting edge tips to recruit on Facebook you should really consider registering for one of our webinars!  

Directly following the webinar, I met with Yanfei to learn something much more technical. No more line code? Not that sure… Basically she spends her days sending emails, building landing pages, and tracking analytics on our corporate website to ensure perfect coordination with the Sales team regarding information about prospective customers.  

Then I had a discussion with Eileen, who is in charge of designing everything related to marketing. During this session we had to design a banner that visually conveyed the benefits of recruiting on Facebook. It was enriching to see how hard it is to deal with both creativity and precise specification.

To finish this great day, I spoke with Kaila. She actually writes, edits or reviews any word you see from Work4. This is a large amount work, especially with so much great content coming out of Work4 on a regular basis. You can see an example of some of the writing by visiting the Work4 Slideshare! I now understand why Live My Life experiences are getting such great feedback. It gave me the opportunity to understand an entire department of the company that was, until now, a mystery to me. Plus, during Yanfei’s presentation, I made some discoveries about the meta descriptions on our website, so I was able to bring some technical help on that subject. This experience brought huge knowledge sharing with great value added for both teams, when originally, we thought Live My Life would only be for fun!

This post was written by Florent Bachelier

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