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November 11, 2013 5:03 pm Published by Katherine Klanish

Working at a startup has many benefits: free food, flexible work hours, fun social events etc… Here at Work4 we go the extra mile, and in addition to some of the above listed “perks,” we also have the opportunity once a year to experience the daily life of other co-workers. Last week I was able to participate for the first time, and I spent the day with our marketing team.

I started off with Adriana, our tech guru who keeps our website looking fabulous. She showed me how she orga

nizes her tasks and maps out her schedule, and then we got to coding! With her help (and I mean a lot of help) I was able to code a button that linked to a video on our website!

Next I spent time with our graphic designer, Eileen. She taught me Photoshop tips and tricks as we worked on the new company business cards she’s designing. In addition to wielding the Photoshop suite magic wand, I learned that Eileen can code and also works directly on our website! If you are looking at any of our visuals, whether it’s our website, one of our webinars, or a business card, you are seeing the results of her hard work!

During the afternoon session I met with our VP of Marketing, Kirsten. It was a great experience having her take time out of her day to explain how she runs her team, what marketing’s goals and objectives are, and all the different ways they’re working on meeting those targets. Thanks to my meeting with her, I now have a better understanding of why our marketing department is always a flurry of activity!

I then spent an hour with Shoshana, who I’ll call our “marketing relationship manager” (that’s technically not her job title). I say she’s a “relationship manager” because she works internally with our Sales and Product teams and externally with clients and partners. Thanks to her, I learned just how involved Marketing is with Sales and Product. I also discovered that Shoshana works with our clients and partners to collaborate on trade shows, speaking engagements, and other events. She is a bridge of communication not only from her team to other teams, but from our company to other companies.

Last but not least, I had a Google Hangout session with our copywriter/editor extraordinaire, Kaila. I thought I had to write a lot in college, but nothing compares to the amount of material she produces–she is a writing powerhouse! Just as how everything you see comes from Eileen, all of the marketing content you read is written or edited by Kaila. She writes, edits, re-writes and publishes material like our whitepapers and infographics. She’s also the person responsible for assigning and following up on employee blog posts (like this one). 😉

Due to the nature of my daily tasks, I feel like I have a lot of insight into how the company runs, but I learned that when it comes to individual teams, my knowledge is very limited! It was great to spend the day with the marketing team, and I was so happy that each of them took time out of their day to work with me and share their tasks. This was an eye-opening experience, and I already can’t wait until it’s my turn again next year!


This post was written by Katherine Klanish

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