Link Roundup: The Global Talent Shortage

April 12, 2013 4:55 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

How do you attract the best and the brightest? Employers often mention that the global talent shortage leaves positions unfilled longer than ever before.

The current generation of Millennials (or what we call the “Facebook Generation”) is the most highly educated and tech savvy group to enter the workforce. But unemployment among this group is nearly double the national rate! Experts claim there’s a gap between what is taught in college and the real world skills necessary for the job. Or is it because this talented group is just harder to reach?

  • With baby boomers retiring, the professional skills deficit is widening. Attracting top talent will become more challenging as job seekers are looking for “The Perfect Employer Inc” to offer virtual mobility, high levels of freedom, and an inspiring work environment. How do you inspire your top talent?

  • Hogan Assessments, which provides workplace personality assessments, demands that employees entering the workforce need to forget IQ and focus on “EQ”, or Emotional Intelligence. People with high EQ are able to work in teams, understand what to do, and how to behave.

  • Studies show finding and retaining talent is a universal theme. According to a recent survey, in the next 3 years HR leaders will dedicate their energy to ensuring top talent stays by improving reward programs and increasing other forms of motivation.

  • There seems to be a disparity between what companies expect from their employees and the skills that are available in the marketplace. This infographic shows how to build a new talent management model.

  • Social and analytics are changing the art of HR. IBM’s Jonathan Ferrar points out that 65% of global companies are having problems finding candidates with desirable skills. The way companies attract and empower top talent is shifting, and recruiters are becoming more strategic in order to find the right candidate for the right job.

  • There’s a disconnection between where and how recruiters search for candidates, and where and how job seekers can be found. Human Capital Institute’s upcoming webinar with Work4 will discuss solutions for closing the talent gap. (Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 10 am PST/1 pm EST)

Solving the global talent shortage is not a simple task. One thing is clear though: the HR world is heading in a “social” direction, and having a social recruiting solution is the key to retaining and attracting top talent. How are you developing your talent community?

This post was written by Megan Lunetta

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