Add Content Marketing to Your Social Recruiting Strategy

June 7, 2013 4:30 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

As a recruiter, you already know that mastering the art of communication is a mighty undertaking–and key to your success. Communication comes in all shapes and sizes, including something you probably hear a lot about in relation to social recruiting, blogging, and new media: content marketing. Applying content marketing techniques to your social recruiting strategy is a “must-do” in order to attract top candidates and build a talent community.

So, what is content marketing anyway? It’s a technique of creating valuable, relevant content to attract, engage, and acquire potential customers or brand advocates. Continuously developing great content will attract job seekers to your brand.

  • There are many types of content that can be useful in the HR World. This article from The Undercover Recruiter gives pointers on content marketing for recruiters. What types of content do you use and what has been the most engaging?
  • Copyblogger answers questions about all things content related with the Return of the Content Marketing Know-It-All. This Q&A post offers great tips on creating viral content, email marketing vs blogging, and cornerstone content. Understanding the latest trends and best practices will keep you up-to-date with the most engaging content to use in your social recruiting efforts.
  • How does your content connect with people and encourage them to engage? Social Media Examiner offers 26 ways to create engaging content to captivate active and passive candidates. Not only is it important to create content, but also to share your best content. Social Media Today offers 12 tips to determine if you are sharing your best stuff.
  • Recruitment Buzz covers why developing a solid content marketing strategy is important for a recruitment business. One key reason is by writing and developing engaging content, you become an expert in your field.
  • Want to be entertained while learning more about content marketing? Check out The Big Marketing Activity Coloring Book from Marketo to learn about adding winning content to your social recruiting strategy. The Content Marketing Institute also offers 7 guides for successful content marketing, which all include the common themes of relevance, structure, and visual communication.
  • The Global Strategic Management Institute’s Social Recruiting Strategies Conference will discuss Content Marketing for Recruiters this July in Chicago. This article reveals some important takeways that are going to be discussed at the event.
  • Content marketing techniques are also seen in job postings. Writing effective job descriptions will attract those hard to reach candidates to your brand. Check out what ERE says make great job postings here.

How do you use content marketing in your social recruiting strategy? Share your tips and experiences in the comment section!

This post was written by Megan Lunetta


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