It’s Link Roundup Time… Show Off Your Employer Branding!

April 26, 2013 5:16 pm Published by Megan Lunetta

How do you tell your brand story? Telling your story intrigues candidates, while helping you to grow your brand. Exposing your company culture and values online helps to attract both active and passive job seekers. Candidates seek out your brand on social media to get a sense of what’s it’s like to work for you. Show off your company personality–it will help you discover future employees!

Social media recruitment helps you find the best people while sharing your company’s mission with the world. Showing your company’s internal side lets others see how much you care about your employees, which can also attract customers and those hard to reach candidates. What does your employer branding look like?

  • What workers want: “Show Me the Money…And, Give Me Security And A Nice Working Environment”. Optimizing your employer branding can drive bottom line results in a variety of ways. Most importantly, it creates a stable workforce and increases productivity. How does employer branding create visibility in your organization and within your company’s industry?
  • Does your brand stand out among all the noise? provides advice and how-to’s on avoiding some common employer branding pitfalls. Be authentic and don’t get lost in the crowd to avoid falling into the pit.
  • Using social media for recruitment is clearly on the rise! A study by the Society for Human Resource Management shows that social media is particularly useful for recruiting candidates who might not otherwise apply (80%), targeting job seekers with specialized skills (69%) and increasing employer branding and awareness (67%).
  • Do you measure the effect of employer branding on talent acquisition? Wowzer provides several metrics to measure the return on investment for your employer branding. Remember to measure, report, retune, and repeat!
  • Does your employer brand resonate with your target audience? If you’re not sure how to develop your brand, The Undercover Recruiter writes about steps to getting started.

Tell me about your employer branding strategy and how you measure for success in the comments section!

This post was written by Megan Lunetta


  • Emily says:

    Great tips! We ( focus on things that our audience would find helpful, while also making our page a fun place to be. I have mission statements in mind for each of our social media platforms since they target different audiences and that’s always in the back of my mind whenever I write or post anything. Our reoccurring features have been popular week to week (Trivia Tuesday and Job Search Thursdays) and try to use Fridays to share interesting content that isn’t related to our business or industry because I think it’s good to break up the content. Memes are popular.

  • work4labs says:

    Thank you Emily! That’s a great strategy to have a mission for each social media platform. Memes are a lot of fun! Thank you again for sharing those great tips.


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