It’s A Generational Thing: Understanding (And Recruiting and Hiring) Millennials

November 1, 2013 5:18 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas

The Millennials are the future of business, but what exactly does that mean for recruiters today? A lot, actually: A shift has taken place in the workforce, from the “Baby Boomers” and the “Swing” generation to “The Millennials and Generation Y.”  In order to find, attract, hire, and retain this tech-savvy population, businesses first need to understand who this generation is and how to tap into their talents and creativity while on the job.

Millennial workplace expectations are drastically different from those of prior generations’. The “I can be/do anything on my own terms” mindset can stir the pot, but you can keep things from boiling over while constructing a positive company culture.   Today’s blog post will help create a better understanding of just where these “Millennials” stand.

  • PwC, a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, ran a survey asking Millennials key questions about career expectations. They then took their findings and created a key findings landing page, an article on how to manage the Millennials, and videos on what Millennials are looking for in a career.
  • If tons of reading isn’t up your alley, then direct your attention to this “easy on the eyes” infographic by Avectra. The infographic features facts and figures on social media usage, including a section with specifics on the Millennials. Did you know that, by 2020 Millennials will make up more than 50% of the workforce?  Gee whiz!
  • The idea of recruiting and retaining millennial employees for small businesses triggered a recent blog post by Kelly Robbert for the US Bank Connect. In the post, Kelly examines how certain Millennial traits match up with workplace expectations. 
  • In this case study by AMP agency for, the Millennial generation is looked at for their pro-social techniques and their feeling of empowerment to change the world. The case study states that the Millennial generation is  “the most analyzed, most marketed to, and most intriguing generation to date.”

 Do you now feel as though you have a better understanding of the Millennial generation of employees? What do you think this generation will bring to your company’s table? Let me know your feelings and expectations in the comments below!


This post was written by Joy Galia Meyouhas


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