iQor Leverages Social Recruitment to Hire Call Center Agents with Work4

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iQor is a business process outsourcing company that provides intelligent customer support and outsourcing services. The company delivers product and customer support solutions that span the consumer value chain, from customer care and collections management to product diagnostics and repair services.

The company’s unique services merge data from connected objects and customer service together, building a holistic view of product & customer support. The company operates more than 40 call centers in North America, Europe and Asia with more than 45,000 employees globally.

iQor is building a breakthrough innovation in the customer service area and one of its key success factors remains the quality and volume of employees to ensure client and customer satisfaction. For the last few years exponential growth and low unemployment rates have required increased focus on attracting qualified candidates.

iQor’s explosive growth in their Call Center business required Recruiting to ensure enough volume of qualified candidates in each call center. In addition, budget efficiency and cost per applicant were key success factors for them.

A second opportunity was to find new sources of candidates where the competition isn’t sourcing at the same intensity and that would give iQor an advantage in the recruitment process.

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“Work4 brings a real added value to iQor by providing expertise on each Facebook evolution and solution and how to leverage it for recruitment”

-Robert Constantine, Director of Digital and Social Media Marketing at iQor

Why they came to Work4

When iQor first tested Work4 in early 2016 they knew that Facebook was becoming the biggest talent pool for call center workers. In fact, Facebook was already gathering more than ⅔ of the workforce on the social media platform with powerful targeting possibilities on ads. The challenge for iQor was to get consistent and efficient recruitment results from Facebook. They tried to run Facebook job postings internally but the results varied by market so they looked for a professional solution to handle this task.

To overcome this challenge, Work4 developed a comprehensive Facebook strategy for the company using targeting algorithm and audience expertise. The objective was to generate a new type of application using the advertising features of Facebook and especially lead ads. Work4 utilized its targeting algorithms to focus on profiles with the highest chance to convert into an application. A proprietary Work4 Audience Library was also used to segment Facebook users in each call center location and create lookalike audiences to optimize the cost per applicant.

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“In our saturated markets, where there is a lot of competition for talent, Work4 greatly decreased the cost per applicant”

-Robert Constantine, Director of Digital and Social Media Marketing at iQor


After 18 months of implementing the Work4 strategy, Facebook is now the second best source of applicants after employee referrals. Delivering a cost per candidate at a $3 average and even below $1 per application for certain locations. Some of the best performances were often observed at call center locations where the other sources of candidates where depleted.

In fact, Work4 is delivering an average of 70% exclusive candidates for entry-level to management profiles. This number is easy to understand when we know that only 25% of workers are actively looking for positions on job boards and that professional networks are mostly gathering white collars talent. iQor also experienced the ease of scalability of the Work4 strategy by replicating its success in different locations in the US and globally.

In addition to candidate volume and cost efficiency, iQor also enjoyed the benefits of having a Facebook centric partner. Robert Constantine, VP Marketing at iQor states: “Work4 brings a real added value to iQor by providing expertise on each Facebook evolution and how to leverage it to find talent that matches our performance and tenure expectations”.

In the near future Work4 will also integrate iQor’s Facebook application flow with HubSpot to optimize candidate engagement and tracking inside iQor’s processes.