In 2016, Work4 became the primary source of recruitment for three I Love Kick Boxing stores accross the US

At the beginning of 2016, I Love Kick Boxing, a network of 300+ stores providing fitness programs accross the US, elected to use Work4’s targeted ads to hire instructors. Three stores utilized Work4’s solutions to assist them in meeting their hiring goals , and in Facebook, they found the perfect place to target a large pool of candidates using interest and professional criterion.

ILKB’s Social Recruiting Strategy


W4 Pipeline

The Work4 Social Ads Team launched a series of five targeted campaigns to drive qualified candidates to I Love Kick Boxing’s career site and help their stores stand out in a very competitive market. All campaigns focused on recruiting instructors in a limited amount of time. The Work4 Team targeted individuals based on their location, profession, and interests – a huge advantage that Work4 and Facebook can offer.