[INFOGRAPHIC] How Can I Use Facebook for Recruiting?

February 19, 2014 4:20 pm Published by Kaila Prins

A few weeks ago, our Director of Client Success, C.J. Reuter, shared his four fundamental best practices for Facebook recruiting—and that got us thinking:

Can using Facebook for recruiting help you and your candidates write your own happily ever after?

If you don’t already know the ABCs of effective Facebook recruiting strategies, it can be easy to get recruiting writer’s block. So we put together a “picture book” to show you that Facebook recruiting is more than a fairy tale!


  • Facebook ads have 20X the click through rates and 5X the ROI of a regular ad on the web.
  • 58% of employers say that a strong employer brand increases the quality of candidates
  • 60% of employees will share a job with friends or family members
  • 83% of LinkedIn users also use Facebook

What are you waiting for? View the infographic:

To get the whole story, make sure to read our companion whitepaper, The ABCs of Effective Facebook Recruiting Strategies. Download it HERE


This post was written by Kaila Prins

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