Health Care Recruiting With Social Media


Handpick dream candidates by using innovative methods of recruitment

Top talent knows they don’t need to waste time on an inefficient and outdated job recruiting processes in order to find work. No matter how busy your candidates are, or how many double shifts they’re pulling, they’re still spending a significant amount of time on social networks. If you want the best candidates, then it’s important to reach them where they spend the most time! Thanks to new and advanced recruiting tools on Facebook, it is easier and faster for them to find and apply to your jobs.

By incorporating social media into your recruitment processes and recruitment methods, you open yourself up to developing endless new relationships with active and passive talent.

Start social recruiting by using advertisements

Targeted recruitment allows you to identify and reach candidates based on work experience, education, location, and interests to ensure successful recruitment. Social advertising is an online recruitment system that brings new opportunities for identifying the best candidates for your company. With our advanced strategy for recruitment, you will have the future employee you need knocking at your door.

Work4’s social ads have proven to be an invaluable
 component of successful social recruiting strategies, boosting traffic and candidate conversions on Health Care career sites by 50%.

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