Getting Our Vets Back to Work

April 30, 2012 8:19 pm Published by Jamie Horton

With the end of the War in Iraq and the winding down of the mission in Afghanistan, hundreds of thousands of troops are making their way back to the States. While conditions in the U.S. are no doubt better than the battlefield, these veterans will face significant challenges as they try to enter the civilian workforce.

Rising awareness of post-traumatic stress disorder and employer skepticism about vets’ skills have made for slow progress in getting soldiers back to work. Luckily, this issue has entered the mainstream media in the run-up to the presidential election and with this increased exposure has come improved results. Here’s a look at efforts in the public and private sectors to get these brave men and women back in the jobforce.

Joining Forces
Recently celebrating its one year anniversary, the White House’s Joining Forces program has made significant progress on its challenge to the private sector to hire or train 100,000 vets and their spouses by 2013. Headed by Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, the program has seen significant buy-in from major corporations like GE, Comcast, and Safeway. Check out the Joining Forces site to see the full list of companies that have made commitments to hire returning soldiers. Besides partnering with employers, the campaign focuses on getting veterans proper healthcare, education, and training. Addressing all aspects of the veteran employment problem has been essential to its success across a variety of industries.

Employment Variation
Indicative of the diversity of companies contributing, here’s a look at Dollar General’s and NBC’s plans to employ thousands of veterans in the coming year. First up, Dollar General has integrated its vet hiring efforts into its current expansion plan. As the open more stores and distribution centers across the U.S., the discount retailer will be able to offer a variety of positions to soldiers with different skill sets. We here at Work4 Labs are proud to be a part of this initiative through our own involvement with Dollar General. Next, NBC has partnered with Comcast in their own “Hiring our Heroes” campaign. By hosting hiring fairs and opening up positions within their own operations, NBC has committed to finding employment for 1,000 veterans.

The road to economic recovery has been tough for the whole country, but coming back from combat to a financial mess has been even more difficult for returning soldiers. Thanks to the concerted efforts of the government and the private sector, we have begun to see a boost in vet employment. With continued buy-in from employers and government officials, we can repay our service men and women for their bravery abroad.

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This post was written by Jamie Horton

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