Four Thought Leaders That Are Changing the Recruiting Industry

December 20, 2013 6:05 pm Published by Joy Galia Meyouhas

Want your business to thrive? Keeping up with insights in your industry’s space helps you evolve and create new initiatives. For insights, you can always turn to influencers and thought leaders, if only you know where to find them and who to trust.

Whether they are newcomers or have been in the business world for decades, each influencer brings their own unique perspective that helps to ignite passion for the business they’re engaged in.  The following four thought leaders each have a great perspective on recruiting and its impact on your HR department—and your business at large.



Tweet: Who can you trust for recruiting insights? Check out these 4 influencers: @work4labs

Tweet: Who can you trust for recruiting insights? Check out these 4 influencers: @work4labs

  • Katrina Collier is a blogging and social recruiting extraordinaire (and a frequent voice heard on the Work4 blog). Katrina broadcasts her extensive social media and job search knowledge as both a guest speaker and writer, as well as on her personal blog. In her latest update, Katrina condemns the ludicrous efforts of fake job advertisements and questions the unethical practices some companies resort to within the recruiting industry. Connect with Katrina on Twitter!
  • As a newer voice in the recruiting space, Shala Marks has already created a place for herself as an online editor and writer for Shala writes essential pieces that give us a peek into the future of recruiting while adding touches of what the past has taught us. In one of her more recent articles, Shala pays her respects to the late Nelson Mandela and the four lessons we can learn from his legacy. Take a second and follow Shala. 
  • Internationally known speaker and thought leader Mel Kleiman has been the president of Humetrics for over three decades. Mel knows his way around the recruiting sector and has been consulting, researching, and speaking on behalf of the recruiting space for over 30 years. You can follow his insights through his Twitter page! Mel shares his hiring wisdom on being an effective recruiter in this article on
  • Dr. John Sullivan is one of the most influential individuals in Talent Management. With a resume that would take up over a dozen pages, Dr. Sullivan has earned the numerous titles bestowed on him as one of the top thought leaders in this industry. Network with Dr. Sullivan via Twitter! In his most recent article for, Dr. Sullivan exams the 25 recruiting trends, problems, and opportunities for 2014.

Have you been listening to these influential voices? What are some of the concepts and lessons you’ve taken away? I’d love to hear what you have to share in the comments below!


This post was written by Joy Galia Meyouhas


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