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February 7, 2012 9:24 pm Published by Bill Boorman

Whenever I speak at or run Facebook recruiting workshops, the conversation always starts with the same debate: whether Facebook is a professional or personal domain, and if people really want to talk “shop” in a personal space. The conversation usually gets quite heated, until I ask a simple question of those who are defending their “personal” space.

“Have you ever liked a brand Page or an advertisement?”

The answer is always yes. And when I look at who and what they are liking, it’s actually a “heck yes”. Facebook Ads get more likes than any other type of content, including videos and photos. We just do it without thinking that we are “liking” and promoting the brand because the text is relevant to us.

Since Facebook Ads are targeted, relevance really is key here. Optimize your dollar (or pound, if you will) with segmentation and specificity. The more you are able to narrow your target candidate criteria, the lower your cost per click.

With careful targeting, you can achieve CPCs as low as $0.05. It’s better to segment a potential audience of 1,000, into ten ad groups of 100, than to post one ad to 1000. You can also save up to 45% by directing users to Facebook fan Pages and apps rather than third-party sites, even when clickthrough rates are the same. My experience has shown me that you get a much lower drop-off rate when you keep candidates within Facebook, through the entire application process.
Here are my 3 key considerations for launching successful job ads on Facebook:

Personalize your ad, avoid logos!
A person in an image rather than a logo attracts around 4 times more clickthroughs. I always split test three images during the first days of a campaign to see which one catches the most attention.

Facebook makes targeting human
Facebook advertising is unique since it allows recruiters to target by interest in addition to work and education history, age, and location. Be imaginative about your targeting and tailor each ad for each type of candidate you are trying to reach.

What’s ready for landing is ready for takeoff
A great landing Page will turn clicks into candidates. Once a user hits the mouse, where do they end up? Think hard about the message you want to communicate. I find that driving traffic to a community Page with a jobs tab works best.

As a last point, think about what content attracts and encourages visitors to stay and remain engaged. I’ll discuss this in my next post about employer brand advocates and generating content, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, remember this. Jobs are an important part of life and Facebook is the life channel.

– Bill

This post was written by Bill Boorman

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