Facebook Recruiting for SMBs: Size Doesn’t Matter

October 2, 2012 7:27 pm Published by Bill Boorman

Whenever I get in to a discussion about recruiting on Facebook, I often get the response that the only people who get any success already have great brands, and that they could hire pretty much anywhere they wanted. The feeling is that only super brands like Hard Rock or Oracle get fans, engagement or hires through a fan Page. As a result, these well-known companies are the ones that appear on blogs and have their success stories told at conferences, which further reinforce this view.

The reality though is that no one is really interested in a company hiring ten people a year through Facebook. But the fact that no one is talking about it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The Facebook audience is made up of every type of person in every profession. This includes people who want to join a small company and those who want to work in a corporate environment. Brand is brand. Employer brand is employer brand. The size of the organization is irrelevant.

SMB Recruiting on Facebook will let you find the right talent despite the size of your business

Here are 5 reasons why Facebook evens up the playing field for smaller brands.

  1. Freedom to engage: A successful Page takes time and content more than anything else and smaller organisations can actually do this better and faster because they don’t need to comply with corporate rules and processes.
  2. Performance-based fan and talent acquisition: Facebook’s targeted ads also enable smaller employers to have massive reach without a bank-breaking budget.
  3. Smaller = more personal: The company is able to build closer relationships and get to know what their fans and followers do because the numbers are more manageable.
  4. Preview of fit: Relationship hiring is more critical in smaller companies since mismatches in culture and personality can cascade through the whole organization. Facebook lets employers get to know potential candidates a bit more before extending an invitation to interview.
  5. Powerful, low-cost apps: No career site, no problem. Facebook applications allow Pages of all sizes to post and share jobs, design company culture portals, and receive applications and referrals. Work4 Labs recently expanded its product line to include a free version of the ‘Work for Us’ app specifically for SMBs..

– Bill

This post was written by Bill Boorman

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